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1X00416H01  ABB Electric leads the top 100 list of the electrical industry, reshaping the market with the "new energy +" model
• Its enterprises ranked among the "23rd China Top 100 Electrical Industry", "Top 10 Leading Enterprises" and "Top 10 Innovative Enterprises" • Innovation and sustainability go hand in hand, and the companies on the list epitomize the success of high-quality local economic development
• Its enterprises ranked among the "23rd China Top 100 Electrical Industry", "Top 10 Leading Enterprises" and "Top 10 Innovative Enterprises"

• Innovation and sustainability go hand in hand, and the companies on the list epitomize the success of high-quality local economic development

•ABB proposed "Creating a 'new energy +' model and building a new energy system architecture" at the China Electric Industry Development Summit Forum

On November 23, 2023, "The 23rd Study of China's Top 100 Electrical Industry" was officially announced at the 19th China's Electrical Industry Development Summit Forum. ABB Electric's Xiamen ABB Low Voltage Electrical Equipment Co., LTD., Xiamen ABB Switch Co., LTD., ABB Xinhui Low Voltage Switch Co., Ltd. was selected as the top 100 ranking, Xiamen ABB Switch Co., Ltd. and Xiamen ABB Low Voltage Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. were ranked among the top 10 leading enterprises in China's electrical industry. Beijing ABB Switch Co., Ltd. is among the top 10 innovative enterprises, highlighting the company's key role in the context of energy transition, innovative exploration and high-quality development practices.

With the theme of "Integrated Innovation · High-quality development", this forum focuses on the current hot topics in the electrical industry, inviting government departments, industry experts, enterprises and typical user representatives to interpret the profound impact of integrated innovation on the electrical industry from a different perspective, and jointly explore the path of high-quality development of the electrical industry transformation and upgrading. At the forum, Jiang Ying, head of digital business of ABB Electric China, delivered a keynote speech entitled "Creating a 'new energy +' model and building a New energy system architecture".

With the theme of accelerating the construction of a new power system under the dual-carbon goal and assisting the construction of a new energy system, the speech expounds the new mode of promoting the safe and reliable replacement of new energy through innovative technology from a macro perspective, and practices the integrated collaborative regulation of distributed energy "source, network, load and storage" to build a smart microgrid, achieve demand-side accurate response, and build a virtual power plant. Fast dynamic balance with urban power grid. At the same time, promote the construction of intelligent dispatching and operation systems that adapt to new power systems, the development and application of innovative technologies such as smart microgrids and the creation of load aggregation optimization schemes, and promote the innovation and iteration of digital energy power technology.

In addition, the energy transformation will promote the continuous development of innovative technologies, promote the deep integration of digital flow and energy and power flow, and realize the application of energy and power sharing; Practice the optimal allocation of power resources, deepen the flexible adjustment capacity of the power system and the efficient use of clean energy, and create an innovative model of a new energy system architecture digital economy.

The new power system has the operation characteristics of "three high and two peaks" (high proportion of new energy, high proportion of power electronic equipment, high degree of freedom of power generation and energy use, peak electricity consumption in summer and peak electricity consumption in winter), which brings unprecedented challenges to the safety and control of the power system. This puts forward higher requirements for the development of China's energy structure, existing power systems and electrical equipment.

ABB's enterprises in China invest in technological innovation, give play to the leading role of leading enterprises in technology, build a new energy equipment system, empower customers and partners based on the technology and solutions of the whole industrial chain, and play a key role in the new power system. At the same time, all enterprises actively implement ABB's sustainable development goals, promote the transformation of green and intelligent manufacturing, achieve more clean energy utilization and more efficient energy utilization, and drive the steady development of business.

Xiamen ABB Low Voltage Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a production base of MNS low voltage switchgear and Emax air circuit breaker wholly owned by ABB in China. The company has a MNS low-voltage switchgear and air circuit breaker research and development center, as a branch of the global research and development organization, its research and development capabilities and levels continue to improve, serving the Chinese market and supporting global technological innovation. The company was also selected as the "Top 10 Leading Enterprises in China's Electrical Industry".

ABB Xiamen Switch Co., Ltd. is the first manufacturing enterprise established by ABB Group in China in 1992, providing customers with products, services and system solutions such as medium voltage switchgear and circuit breakers below 52kV. The company deeply integrates green manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing, and has been recognized as a national intelligent manufacturing demonstration factory and a national green factory. The company was also selected as the "Top 10 Leading Enterprises in China's Electrical Industry".

ABB Xinhui Low-Voltage Switch Co., LTD., founded in 1995, is a joint venture of ABB specializing in the production of low-voltage electrical appliances in China. The company mainly produces low-pressure mould-case circuit breakers, automatic transfer switches, isolation switches and contactors for distribution protection and control. Adhering to the business philosophy of "in China, for China", the company continues to innovate in product design, production process and enterprise operation, and exports its products to 76 countries and regions around the world, achieving stable and rapid development.

Beijing ABB Switch Co., Ltd. is ABB's largest secondary switchgear manufacturing center in China, mainly engaged in the design, manufacturing and service of 3.6kV-40.5kV medium voltage secondary switchgear and box-type substation. Products are widely used in energy, power grid, construction, industry and public utilities and other fields, participated in a number of national key projects. The company has successfully developed a new generation of environmentally friendly and digital switchgear, leading the ring network cabinet to develop in the direction of green environmental protection and intelligence, and won the title of "National Green Factory" in 2021. The company was selected as the "Top 10 Innovative Enterprises in China's Electrical Industry".

The selection of China's Top 100 Electrical Industry was initiated in 2000 by the "Electric Times" magazine under the China Machinery Industry Information Research Institute, and has been successfully held for 23 sessions so far, providing a platform to guide and promote the high-quality development of China's electrical industry, and promoting the digital and low-carbon transformation and upgrading of the electrical industry.

ABB (ABBN: SIX Swiss Ex) is a technology leader in electrical and automation that enables a more sustainable and efficient future. ABB integrates engineering expertise and software technology into solutions that optimize manufacturing, transportation, energy and operations. With a history of more than 130 years of excellence, ABB's approximately 105,000 employees worldwide are committed to driving innovation and accelerating industrial transformation. ABB has a full range of business activities in China, including research and development, manufacturing, sales and engineering services, with 27 local enterprises and 15,000 employees in more than 130 cities, and online and offline channels covering about 700 cities across the country.