• HPC800+MB810  | Process controllers
  • HPC800+MB810  | Process controllers

HPC800+MB810 | Process controllers


Model: HPC800+MB810

Category: Process controllers

Finish: New/not new

Warranty: One year

Powerful process controller

  • HPC800+MB810  | Process controllers

Model: HPC800+MB810

Category: Process controllers

Finish: New/not new

Warranty: One year

Powerful process controller

The HPC800 is the latest generation in a series of successful process controllers,

It can meet various process control requirements. Group using S+ Engineering tool

The HPC800 can use more than 150 predefined control algorithms or function codes (Figure 3).

These functions make the system easy to design complex control algorithms to adapt to various types

Control applications, including continuous, sequential, batch and advanced control. In addition to standard features

The HPC800 also supports C programming and batch processing functions.

The HPC800 controller includes the following features:

− Supports S+ I/O, harmony rack-mounted I/O, and S800 I/O subsystems


− Firmware can be downloaded and updated.

− Extended user configuration memory (NVRAM) and real-time memory (RAM);

− Supports 30,000 types of function blocks.

− Flexible on-line configuration capability.

High reliability and availability

The design of the HPC800 ensures maximum reliability and availability. Advance on all levels

Line redundancy design - CPU, power supply, internal bus, I/O network, communication interface and factory

Networking - The HPC800 control system provides the highest level of availability. Follow international standards

The accurate design ensures the highest level of reliability and quality of the system to meet the world's best

Strict technical requirements and user requirements. In short, we provide users with fast process products

Fast, precise and undisturbed control improves production efficiency, increases availability and reduces availability

Maintenance costs.

Easy to use

HPC adopts DIN rail mounting mode, standard 24V DC power supply, with standard

Ethernet interface. These features make installation simple and flexible, reducing the space of the cabinet,

Size, wiring limitations. At the same time, a wide range of input power and Ethernet connections

It also reduces installation and maintenance costs.

Point-to-point controller communication

HPC800 Bus for point-to-point controller communication (CW800), update rate can be lower

100ms. This is especially important in situations where fast, precise control is possible, such as

Unified control between different process links (such as boilers and steam engines), or a measurement point is not added

Field transmitters and cables are used in different subsystems. CW800 point-to-point communication bus Yes

Completely redundant